Month: November 2017

Winter Tips

      Use a nutrient-based vitamin-based cream. Especially vitamin A (retinol) is important. Vitamin A is an antioxidant, an anti-radical that protects the skin. It makes it less sensitive…
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the cold has come … that’s what we have to eat

    How to defend our organism from the "meteorological" attacks of these months when cold, rain, wind and snow will make us more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria? Helping…
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Tired and swollen eyes, the solution is in a freezer

    Tired eyes, swollen contour To succumb to some problems born of a return to everyday life, between home-work and office work, you definitely need some suggestion to restore…
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Season change: it’s time to change our Skincare

Finally, the warmth that has accompanied us beyond the normal season is very low, leaving the place at the decisively lower temperatures of autumn. The skin, after this period of…
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